International Trading

is leading company in the field of export & import agricultural products with our working group of highly experienced team that can supply the customer with any required information for the process of exporting his product from any Egyptian port, in addition, we can help our customer with any information needed about the market outside Egypt. Read more.... Contact Us....

Our Mission

• Delivering high quality products at competitive prices by the fastest shipping way as it's our SOP.
• Boost a good reputation of the Egyptian products in the international markets.
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Our Vision

• Create a long term vision for growth to ensure the viability of our business services.
• Ensure long term relationship with our partners.
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Due to Egypt suitable good weather and rich soil along with lots of sunshine, we were able to produce the finest top quality of citrus fruit to export worldwide. The Egyptian Citrus specification such as “brix” is defined as the total solids saluted in the liquid”, Acidity & Vitamin C. just look at all the Health Nutrition facts & vitamins that the Egyptian Citrus can gives.